PLS in Culture

Today the demand for culture and cultural initiatives is constantly increasing, within the dynamics of territorial development, coming both from tourists and citizens.
PLS Educational is always attentive to culture and to the promotion of cultural heritage, and is responsible for organizing and managing exhibitions and cultural events.

PLS is an active and propositional partner, able to provide targeted consulting and a careful analysis, working in perfect harmony with the customer to find the ideal tools and capitalize on the available resources for the implementation of the cultural event, both for specialized communities and broad targets.
PLS is able to give life to unique and customized events, in full respect of the available budget, taking care of every detail with the goal of offering highly competitive solutions.

One of the most prestigious cultural events organized by PLS is the The Florence Art and Restoration Fair (Salone dell'Arte e del Restauro di Firenze). Now at its fourth edition, it is hosted every two years at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence and gathers more than 300 worldwide different associations- including institutional entities, business companies, schools and Associations- all working actively in the restoration, protection and enhancement of cultural heritage.